Monday, September 22, 2008

Manic Monday: Where my $40 went today.

I only spent $20 this week on good deals because my other $20 went to my daughter's school fundraiser. She sold Happenings books. There are some great Smith's coupons in it this year and if we do any traveling this year my $20 will be well worth it.

I had several coupons about to expire so I hit Target's trial size section. They have the best selection of trial size items in the area. Many coupons strictly exclude trial size products, but many do not. Armed with coupons I got free Aquafresh toothpaste, Tylenol 8ct, and All 2 load laundry detergent. I also decided we would try out Johnson's Buddies which I used a $3/3 coupon on for Free as well.

My other coupon that would expire at the end of the month was a $5/1 Luvs coupon. I received this coupon in the mail by signing up for their newsletters on So, I stacked this coupon with a $1/1 Target coupon and got my Jumbo pack of Luvs for $1.89 (that's about $.06 a diaper).

Also this week I took advantage of Walgreens free Reach toothbrushes and Crest Mouthwash. A Bonus find was Dove dark chocolate bars on clearance for $.69 and I just happened to know of a $1/2 IVC which means Mommy gets chocolate for $.19. Always a good thing!

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