Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Insert Highlights: 26 October 2008

Here are some of the fun stuff I saw:
  • REBATE: Orajel Products - I'm looking at the plaque revealing rinse, my girls could use a little help with their brushing.  Don't forget to use the $1/1 on the same page at the same time to cover your cost of tax, a stamp and a little interest on the rebate money. 
  • Colgate $.75/2 Adult Manual Toothbrushes - Walmart has some priced at $.96, so they end up being $.59 ea.  I'll be adding more toothbrushes to my humanitarian kit stash.
  • Olive Garden Coupons - Yipee!  That's my favorite place to go for my birthday, and they just built a brand new restaurant super close.
  • Muir Glen $1/1 - These canned tomato products regularly go on sale 10 for $10 and can generally be found regularly priced around $1.50.
  • Breyers $.50/1 - I love this ice cream!
Find a spreadsheet version of these inserts here and an explanation of why I do this here.

Sorry this segment is a day late.  My husband decided on Sunday afternoon to completely re-do our computer network, so I have had very little computer time.  Hopefully all the changes have been made and life can get back to normal!

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