Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Coupon System: Part 3

You now know the reasons behind why I've set my system up the way I have, and a little about my Spreadsheet.  Here's a look at how I organize all those coupons.

After I have entered my inserts in my spreadsheet I label a folder for that week, drop the inserts in the folder and file it away in my large box.  When I have loose coupons, such as when I print coupons or receive them in the mail, I first make sure I enter them into my spreadsheet, then I file them in my small box.  

My small box is arranged alphabetically by the product description field of the spreadsheet.  All General Mills cereal coupons, for example, are filed under G since most sales are for "General Mills Cereals" and not for a specific cereal.  

To find where a coupon is located I search my spreadsheet, locate the coupon I want and read the "code" column for that specific coupon.  All the Insert coupons will have a code something like this:  S 10/12-4.  Which means that coupon can be found in the Smart Source insert for Oct. 12 (10/12) on page 4.  Other insert codes are RP for Red Plum and P&G for Procter & Gamble.

Also in my large box I have a folder for each store I have ads or price lists for and a place for rebates.  More on those and how I plan my deals in the next part of this series. 

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