Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Website Wednesday: Inbox Dollars

When money is scarce do you ever wish you had a couple of extra dollars for dinner out or a new outfit.  I do.  Dinner out and new clothes always seem to be the first thing eliminated when our budget is tight.  Thanks to Inbox Dollars I can earn some extra cash every couple of months for those things.

Inbox Dollars sends 2-3 emails per day to the e-mail address you specify.  I use a separate e-mail address just for my inbox dollar stuff and check it a couple times a week.  All you have to do is click through to confirm reading the emails and your account is credited.  Advertisers pay to have their product shown and Inbox Dollars sends some of that money onto you.

There are also more ways to earn money through Inbox Dollars by completing surveys, playing games, and other cash offers.  Some offers require you to spend money with the advertising company, but I stick to 100% Free offers.  They have a privacy policy and I have yet to receive spam on my inbox dollars e-mail account.

You will not get rich by completing these offers, but it can provide a few extra dollars to do something fun with.  After all, it's easier to stick to a budget when you have extra money to have fun with.  Sign-up today and you'll start with $5 in your account.

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