Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday: Earthly Debts, Heavenly Debts

In light of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's passing I was scanning through some of his recent adresses and found this one:  "Earthly Debts, Heavenly Debts"  delivered in April 2004 General Conference.  In it he said:
My brothers and sisters, many have heeded this prophetic counsel. They live within their means, they honor the debts they have incurred, and they strive to reduce the burden they owe to others. We congratulate those who are doing so, for the day will come when they will reap the blessings of their efforts and understand the value of this inspired counsel.

However, others struggle when it comes to finances. Some are victims of adverse and often unforeseen events that have financially damaged them. Others are in financial bondage because they have not learned to discipline themselves and control their impulses to spend. Consequently, they have made unwise financial choices.
To those of us who find ourselves in "financial bondage" he gives five key steps to freedom.

1. Pay your tithing
2. Spend less than you earn
3. Learn to save
4. Honor your financial obligations
5. Teach your children to follow your example

I am so grateful for inspired counsel from our leaders.  Their words can guide us in all the trials we may face.  And they truly teach us how to be free.  Read Elder Wirthlin's words and those of our other leaders and change your life so you too may be free.  

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Christensen Family said...

After watching our economy the last few months his counsel seems even more relevant. It seems a lot easier to listen when it first comes up than to pay the price for not listening later.