Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Website Wednesday: Savvy Shopper Deals

Most of the things I have learned about being frugal and how to save money have been from the internet. There are a number of websites, blogs and forums that have taught me so much. I wanted to share some of my favorites so you can learn lots too.

Amy, the Savvy Shopper, runs this site for the Daily Herald. The site combines a great database of coupons found in newspaper inserts with a detailed listing of store ads. Items on sale are paired with coupons to show great deals. Amy takes the time to rank each item on sale as WOW (must stock up, great deal), !!! (great price, stock if you need this item) and !! (okay price, but wait to stock up).

Savvy Shopper Deals is great for beginners. The complicated nature of scanning ads, knowing what prices are good and finding coupons to match is eliminated by following Amy's recommendations.

The site also has a forum which allows you to ask Amy and others questions. I enjoy the fact that almost all users are located in my area. The prices they quote and deals they help find I can take advantage of because I shop at some of the same stores.

Of course, the most important feature of this website is that it is completely free. No charge! Having to spend money to save money is high on my list of things I refuse to do. So, head on over create an account and join in the Money-Saving Fun!

This Post Orginally ran September 17, 2008.

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