Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Website Wednesday: Smith's e-coupons

A brand new Smith's Marketplace just opened in my town and I do believe I am in love.  Not only do they have pretty good everyday low prices, but they also have lots of extra ways to save even more on your grocery bill.  

My new favorite thing is e-coupons.  These are electronic coupons that you attach to your Fresh Values card.  No clipping or printing required, just a little internet time.  These E-coupons can also be stacked with paper coupons for some excellent savings. (this is how I get Cottonelle 4 pk toilet paper for $.25 or less)

The reason I'm writing about this on Website Wednesday is because Smith's makes finding e-coupons super easy.  They have the links to all the companies that provide the coupons right on their website.  From the main page you click on IN STORE then COUPONS (or here).  This page gives you links to three e-coupon companies: Shortcuts, P&G E-saver, and Cellfire, as well as a link to some internet printable coupons hosted by Smith's.

You have to register your Fresh Value Card separately with each company, then you can add the coupons you'd like to your card and away you go.  The only downside to e-coupons is that you can only use them once (for one item), then you have to wait for them to be "restocked" to add them to your card again.

Check out these sites, try the Cottonelle deal, and add e-coupons to your arsenal of money saving techniques.  Happy Shopping!

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