Monday, June 15, 2009

Insert Highlights: 14 June 2009

Only one Smart Source insert this week, but make sure you look beyond that. I found Albertson's Doublers, Windex Outdoor Coupons in the 'USA Weekend' Magazine, and lots of activity Q's in an insert titled 'Play'.

Here are a couple of things I noticed from the insert this week:
  • $2.00/1 Purex Complete 3-in-1 - This new product looks really interesting and the coupon is a great one. I believe these will be regularly priced under $5 so we will have to keep our eyes open to find a great deal.

  • $1.00/1 Oreo Cakesters - We tried these a while ago and they were pretty good.

  • $1.00/2 Cheerios - I love my Cheerios! Also note the link on the same page, sign up and they will e-mail you a $1.00/1 Cheerios coupon each week for a whole month (you can print each of those twice!).

  • $2.00/1 A1 Steak Sauce - Wal-mart should have these priced a little over $2.

  • $1.00/1 Miracle Whip - My mom uses almost a full jar of this on her famous Potato Salad. I think I'll get her some.

  • REBATE: PediaSure - Hopefully we'll get some good coupons to match with this offer. You can register at PediaSure for their home mailer. We might get coupons that way.
I've used my spreadsheet less and less over the past couple of months as I have moved into a binder system (more on that later) but, if you still like to browse the coupons in this format check out Savvy Shopper's Master List.

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