Monday, October 11, 2010

Recent Observation

The other night my husband and I were able to go out to dinner. Having four kids and sticking close to our tight budget means this is a rare treat.

We had just sat down and ordered when my honey slipped off to the potty to wash his hands. With nothing else to do I began to "people watch."

At the booth next to us there was a cute little family of five. Momma and Papa with three Littles under about 5 years. The papa was in his Military Fatigues. It was clear they had finished eating and where just waiting for the check. The momma was wrestling with one kid, the papa with another, and the tiniest was sound asleep in her carrier.

Their waiter arrived and apologized for the wait, but their ticket had been cleared and paid for by another customer.

The father looked at his wife with an indescribable look on his face, shook his head, and sighed.

It was at this point I started crying.

Yes, I know. Lack of sleep. Hormones. Whatever.

But, I couldn't help thinking I need to add to my list of frugal goals.

I would love to be able to give to others the way someone gave to this little family this night.

I want to be able to thank those defending my freedom the way someone did this night.

I want to give with no concern for accolades the way someone did this night.

I'm adding "give to others" to my list of reasons to live frugally.

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Tamie said...

we saw this happen in a Denny's in Orem oh, a long time ago. We just had Collin and he was quite little. There were a small family sitting across from us with an older couple next to them and when the family was ready to leave, the waitress said the same thing to them. It really touched both Brook and I at the time and we vowed that when we were financially blessed we would pay it forward in that way as well and do something anonomous like that.
what a GREAT story!