Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parenting Magazine and Amazon Diaper Deal

I was very excited to see the March edition of Parenting magazine in my mailbox this morning.

Why? Do you ask.

Because of this:

A 20% Off Diapers coupon code for Amazon.com.

We've been getting these codes the past couple of months and I'm getting a ton of super cheap name brand diapers.

You can stack the code with a 15% off Subscribe and Save discount and the 15% off Amazon Mom discount to get a super great deal on diapers.

This one doesn't expire until 3/31/11 so I'm hanging on to it until I can grab diapers for under $.10 a pop.

If you are looking for a great deal on the magazine check out Money Saving Mom's post on how to get a free 6-month subscription!

Yes, this post contains my affiliate links for Amazon.  I get paid to advertise for them, but I also think diapers for $.10 per count is jump-up-and-down worthy.

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