Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Newspapers

My newspapers were in these really cool bags yesterday.

And, since I get six papers each Sunday, this is what what was inside those fun bags.

That's basically one full size box of granola bars, six mini boxes of cereal, and six sets of coupons.  I love getting surprises like this in my newspaper!  (and I'm not even mentioning the Red Plum coupon insert inside that's the reason I even buy the newspaper...)

Now, this doesn't happen every Sunday.  Usually they are in these bags:

(Just imagine newspapers rolled up where the Boy's legs are...)

But every Sunday there they are at the bottom of my driveway waiting for me to come find all the great coupons and offers that save my family lots 'o money.  Remember my dish soap?

If you are interested in having multiple Sunday copies of the newspaper delivered to your door, I can help you out!  I'm teaming up with the Savvy Shopper to offer my readers a great price on the Sunday Daily Herald (or the Salt Lake Tribune, or the Deseret News, or the Ogden Standard-Examiner).  More information with prices coming soon!

For more info RIGHT NOW email me (frannyfrugal @ with *Subscription NOW* in the subject line.

(Just a heads up:  I do receive a commission on every subscription I sell.  However, I believe if you are really serious about couponing to save your family money you really need a great multi Sunday subscription to the paper.  In my opinion, the folks over at Savvy Shopper and the Daily Herald have the best couponer-friendly place in the area.  That is all.)

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