Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More to be Thankful For

7. A freezer and pantry full.  The harvest from my tiny garden has added so much to our stores.

8. We've had weeks and weeks with no need for air conditioning.  I love fall temperatures.

9. One of the Zillions of road projects around our house is finally completed.

10. I walked the girl's home from school the other day. So fun.  They were very chatty about their day.  I could get used to that...and the exercise.

11. A little boy of mine turned four.

12. We sold our puppy. The kids and I learned a lot from having a pet, but in the end we discovered we are just not a "dog family."

13. Hubby was willing to sit down and help me brainstorm.

14. A weekend conference full of inspiration and peace.

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