Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Redbox Rentals

After watching the increasing number of these kiosks show up within minutes of my home I have been wanting to try out Redbox's $1 a day DVD rentals.  We hardly ever watch a rented movie more than once and with the convenience of multiple kiosks I'm sure we'd never spend more than $1 a movie.  Great deal right?  

Now I can no longer put off trying this service.  I registered here to receive their e-mails and I received a code for a free rental.  I'm also told that if you register your cell phone they will text you each monday with another free code just to be used on mondays.  They call it their Free Movie Mondays.  Even better deal!  

Each movie is due back at 9pm the following day so you can pick up a movie in the morning and have it nearly a day and a half before it's due back.  Plus you can return the DVD at any Redbox kiosk.  They have a great selection of new release DVD's and you can search which movies are available at your local kiosk.  All that is needed is a Credit or Debit Card to guarantee the DVD, which they will begin charging per day till the movie is returned. 

I'm heading out bright and early tomorrow morning and get my free movie.  Now, does anyone have a good deal on popcorn?

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