Monday, February 28, 2011

Diapers for $.10 a piece at Amazon

Remember the Amazon 20% of Diapers Coupon Code I blogged about a few days ago?  Well, I decided it was time to use it.  Here's how I'm getting 176 size 4 diapers for $18.44 ($.104 per diaper) shipped free right to my door:
  • First I headed over to my Coupon Page on Amazon.  Then I hit the refresh button on my browser until I saw this beauty:

  • I chose "Delivery every 6 months" then hit "Subscribe Now."  I can go back and manage my subscriptions later if I need to cancel, change sizes or have them deliver sooner.  Since I am a member of Amazon Mom I get an additional 15% added to the 15% Subscribe and Save discount, plus free shipping.  You can sign up for Amazon Mom here.
  • Next, I verified my address and payment info and on the final page right before I hit the "Sign me Up" button I found the place to put in my 20% off code.  It looks like this:

  • I added my code and checked my final totals:

  • Looked good to me, so I clicked on "Sign me Up."
My diapers should show up on March 2.  I think this is my favorite way to buy diapers.  Super cheap, I can buy them in my PJ's and they are delivered free right to my door.  Even if you don't have the 20% off code from the Parenting magazines you can still get a pretty good deal on diapers.

(note: Post contains my Amazon Associate's links so I do get paid for promoting their products.  Over and out.)

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