Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cost of Food: According to the Government

Did you know the government has figured out just how much money it should cost to eat healthy?

"The Food Plans represent a nutritious diet at four different cost levels."  They are based on Dietary Guidelines and MyPyramid recommendations and updated to current dollars by using the Consumer Price Index.

I figured that for my family of six I should be spending $765 a month on food.  That's on the Thrifty plan.  The cheapest option.

Maybe we aren't eating enough, because we spend a lot less than that.  I know, I know most people do not shop and store the way I do, but it does make you think.

Cost of Food

Check it out and see how your family compares.

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Sammie said...

For us it's about $1,025.00. I don't even spend 1/2 of that a month and we definitely aren't starving.